Glocal (Global/Local) Control for Hierarchically Networked Dynamical
Systems with Physical Interactions 


There are a variety of dynamical systems with hierarchical structure, or multi-agent dynamical systems, which may include a group of mobile robots or drones. The purpose of control is not just to guarantee the stability of the total system but also to achieve some cooperative tasks by compensating physical interactions among the agents. One of the ideas to properly handle such systems is "Glocal (Global/Local) Control," which means that the global objective is achieved mainly by local actions of measurement and control cooperatively. This is a new control framework for networked dynamical systems, where one of the most important issues is how to compromise the global and local control objectives.

The main purpose of this talk is to show that several new ideas, by exploiting the special structure of the target networked systems, with utilization of powerful existing theories in classical, modern, and robust control enables us to develop scalable methods for control analysis and design. The effectiveness of the proposed methods is verified through practical applications of a type of electric vehicle with multiple controllable wheels and cooperative control of group drones.